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@SpoogleIRL Just did our new website #happy!!ReplyRetweetFavorite
Meisner Acting course Feb 18 for 10 weeks in Galway. http://t.co/QuvzXRdit7. Be part of something special! Invest in yourself.ReplyRetweetFavorite
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Great day today working with Moetion Films - we're making magic happen. Yippee!!ReplyRetweetFavorite
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Okay guys, we're producing a film We need a few euros to make it possible: http://t.co/UUfmnD3nZE Every little helps!ReplyRetweetFavorite


Babyjane Productions are an independent production company with a focus on TV, film and theatre content.

We provide story ideas, story development, scripts, pre-production and production services for TV, live action and animation films and theatre shows.

We develop our own projects and are also available to provide development, location, crew and production services to clients.

Our purpose is to push the boundaries of the imagination making anything possible. To give a voice to various stories throughout the world; to help create visual content that will not only stimulate but also encourage people to take risks that empower them.

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